Daniel Whitby MCIEEM
Director | Principal Consultant Ecologist

Daniel is the director of AEWC Ltd and founder of the Bat Conservation and Research Unit. Daniel has been a  professional ecologist for over 15 years, and was instrumental in the development and field trials of the Sussex Autobat. Daniel has radio tagged all 17 UK breeding bat species and has expert knowledge of a wide range of species, notably Barbastelle, Bechstein’s, grey long-eared and Alcathoe. Daniel provides training and advice to many organisations including Natural England and the Bat Conservation Trust. Daniel has survey licences for Great Crested Newts (class 1), a Bat Survey (class licence 1-4), a Bat Roost Visitor licence (1&2), Bat Project licence (to include ringing & radio-tracking) and a Bat Mitigation Class licence.

Annika Binet MCIEEM | Senior Consultant Ecologist

Annika joined AEWC in 2020. She has been actively involved in ecology and conservation from a young age and has worked on projects within the UK, Channel Islands, Indonesia and Australia. Ani worked in the commercial ecology sector in Jersey for nine years, where she held the Bat Roost Visitor and project licences (to include ringing), prior to returning to the UK mainland in 2019. Ani has a range of technical report writing and habitat management experience and extensive experience in undertaking surveys for a wide range of protected species, with a particular specialisation in bats. Ani holds survey licences for Great Crested Newts (class 1) and Bats (1-4) and is a Trustee for the Bat Conservation Trust.

Brigitte de Coriolis ACIEEM | Senior Ecologist

Brigitte is originally from South Africa where she spent six years working as a researcher on small game reserves in South Africa. After moving to the UK Brigitte completed several training courses and joined local wildlife groups on a variety of surveys to gain more experience in UK ecology and protected species. Brig joined AEWC in 2013 and has since gained experience in surveying a range of protected species, and has discovered a passion for bat research. Brig has survey licences for Great Crested Newts (class 1) and Bats (class 1-2). During the last seven years Brig has assisted with a number of advanced survey projects, as well as travelling to Trinidad in 2016, as part of a Trinibats research expedition.

Emily Partridge | Ecologist

Emily joined AEWC in 2021. Emily spent many years volunteering for conservation organisations and graduated from Bangor University in 2015 with a degree in Marine Biology. She began working as a seasonal assistant ecologist before gaining a full time role, during which she gained experience of ecological surveys and technical report writing. Emily holds survey licences for Great Crested Newts (class 1) and Bats (class 1).

Ivana Murphy Qual CIEEM | Assistant Ecologist

Ivana joined AEWC in 2018 as a seasonal assistant between finishing her A levels and starting an Ecology degree at UEA. Over the last 4 years Ivana has gained significant experience in advanced bat survey techniques, specialising in radio tracking. Ivana is due to graduate in 2021 and is then planning to undertake an MRes researching Coronavirus in bats.

Lisa Whitby | Office Manager

Lisa has been with AEWC since the beginning, back in 2008. Lisa previously worked for RSPCA International, facilitating training events abroad. After leaving there in 2007 to start a family, she took on a supporting role for AEWC, she now works for Children on the Edge but still looks after HR, Payroll services, book-keeping and account management in a part time capacity.